Back on the Rock

Phew! Made it back to Guernsey for a few days in between travels.

We had ten days of excellent family holiday in France; followed by Judith and I spending nearly two weeks away together sans enfants! [The longest time both of us have ever spent away together without the children]

Couldn’t blog for most of this time – but I’ve kept a written journal. More of that in the next few days as I catch up with posting. Suffice to say we are all feeling refreshed, relaxed, revived… and already with a real sense of God speaking to us deeply and prophetically. It has been an especially good experience, although strange to begin with to be away from all normal means of communication – newspapers, radio, TV, phone, internet, mobile, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for nearly two weeks. No news, no outside information, no anwerphone messages, no SMS texts, no Headlines, no World at One, no Newsnight, no “Johnny is feeling tired having stayed up all night chatting on MSN” updates, very few clocks – even Judith’s watch stopped working the first day we arrived – like a sign to us that we were meant to feel detached for a while.

In fact I don’t think I have ever known this before.

What happens when you are detached from wordly communication for two weeks? Well, I can honestly report that you do not surely die. In fact you may actually begin to live.

Reflecting on my 40+ years I think I have only ever been out of access from, at the very least, a current newspaper for at most 2 or 3 days (and yes, one of those occasions was an overnight in Alderney). At the end of a week in this condition on an island about twice the size of Lihou in the Indian Ocean (we were in the Maldives) I had lost all sense of which day it was, even how long we had been there!

But more of this tomorrow. For the moment we can report that we are definitely sensing God’s hand on us and His timing in this time away.


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