Feeling weird

Really weird… not to be at work. It’s Tuesday. I have no To-Do list.

No one to see. To decisions to make. (Well, no work-related ones anyway). Weird.

We’ve just come back from a wonderful family holiday in France, and normally we would be rejuvenated, raring to go, straight back into ‘normal life’ – whatever that is – pretty much immediately. But this certainly isn’t normal. It really feels very strange. I wanted to do things today. I wanted to see people, visit friends, talk with colleagues. I wanted to read emails, check diaries, make appointments. I wanted to cross things off my To-Do list, perhaps add a few others.

But it was not to be;  I am now on Sabbatical.

That obviously has something to do with sabbath, with rest, but how do we do rest?

I planned to study and to write, especially in the latter part of my rest-time when we are travelling extensively. So I set up a page linked to Twitter so that I could write what were, in effect, longer Tweets. However the system failed in that the various pages could only seem to be linked together via Twitter; navigating back and forth was a pain. In the end, and following advice from one with far more know-how in these matters than I, an hour or so was spent this afternoon setting up this blog on WordPress.com. I did have a blog before, but it was linked to our church website and mainly used for feedback on issues raised in teaching and preaching. Now we have a new website – www.rock.gg – and a new blog needs to be installed. I am also an avid fan of journalling. A mature man-of-God who became a dear friend taught me this good habit when I was still in my teens and I have kept a journal ever since. Sometimes a week may pass without me writing, but generally I write a few times a week, often daily. I have a shelf (and a tatty box) of my scribblings dating back to 1982 when I was just 18. Now and again I pick one up and try and read through it – I like going back a decade and seeing how my thoughts, character, stupidity, craziness, faith, joy, passion, compassion, vision, prayerfulness, zeal, and the like have changed in that time. Of course I can go back two decades now. But the idea of sharing my journalled thoughts publicly was never my intention – in fact most people would need a qualification in hieroglyphics to make head or tail some entries!  I have always admired John Wesley’s Journal; of course that was edited into a published form after his death. I try and read it once a year to keep me amused and amazed at his apostolic zeal, wild ideas, courageous honesty, and down-to-earth common sense. But I often wonder if Wesley knew he were writing for more than his own benefit. A blog is a different beast. It sets out to be read. That in itself is a little pompous don’t you think?

So for all three of you who read this – my first post – please forgive me. I’m sure you can do far better so start blogging yourself!

This blog should, technology willing, be linked through the ether to my Twitter account and from thence to Facebook so that another half dozen of you can accidentally click on to my ramblings.

Now I must get back to doing resting. Where do I start?


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